History of the Church


History of St. Catherines Church

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History of the Church

The first mention of St. Catherine Church is found in the "credi mihi" in 13th century, where it is mentioned as a chapel of ease of the monastery of St. Thomas which was founded in 1177. 

From the early 13th century onward the priests of the monastery of St. Thomas looked after the parish of St. Catherine’s. The Reformation brought huge changes. Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of all the monasteries in England and Ireland. In 1539 the last Abbot Henry Duffy handed over the monastery and all its property to the Crown. For his trouble the Abbot received a pension of £42 a year (big money in those days).

The early years of the Reformation made little difference,the same clergy continued in their roles. This situation changed in the early Elizabethan period with the coming of Thomas Williams who was intent on introducing the Reformation to all parishes.

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