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Supt John Charles Hartup

St John Ambulance Book of Remembrance

of Northampton

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Tribute by: Book Administrator

Date added: 11 Aug 2014

Mrs Eileen Bourne's father, John Hartup, was born on 9 December 1901, and was active with St John Ambulance during the war years 1939-45 and afterwards.  During that time he often spent nights away from home, sleeping in the local clinic in case of air raids and accompanying patients to Northampton General Hospital.

During his early service he saw a need for younger people to become involved in the St John Ambulance service.  He decided to write to several local business men seeking donations to help fund the start of a St John Ambulance Cadet movement.  With financial help from these businesses he successfully formed the Cadet Brigade which has gone from strength to strength.

A commemorative shield in his memory ('The Hartup Shield') was commissioned and in 2012 Mrs Bourne presented it to a female 'Cadet of the Year' at an awards ceremony in Bletchley.  Mrs Hartup, Mrs Bourne's mother, had presented this on numerous occasions before her death at the age of 96 in the year 2000.

A guard of honour was formed by St John Ambulance personnel at Supt Hartup's funeral, and he is sorely missed by all who knew him for his work with St John Ambulance and his beloved cadets.

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