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Mrs Kathleen Prestage

St John Ambulance Book of Remembrance

of Whitstable

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Tribute by: Yvette Prestage

Date added: 7 Aug 2014

Mrs Kathleen Prestage retired as a divisional officer of Whitstable St John Ambulance Brigade after 28 years' service.  She completed 5,440 hours officially on duty, having started work at the St John Nursing Home in Tankerton.  She joined the Brigade shortly afterwards and in 1973 was made a serving sister of the Order of St John, a title conferred upon members of the Order in recognition of outstanding service.  A few years later, in 1977, she was made divisional officer of the Whitstable brigade.  She helped people in a number of situations, using her knowledge of first aid and nursing to help people around her, for example when a man collapsed next to her in the Post Office.

Kathleen frequently went beyond the call of duty to issue medical comforts and is sadly missed by her family and former colleagues.

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