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Melissa-Jane Fenner

St John Ambulance Book of Remembrance

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Tribute by: Book Administrator

Date added: 23 Sep 2014

Norman Fenner says: Melissa-Jane was our pride and joy - a dedicated St John Ambulance cadet who enjoyed her school life at Harrow-on-the-Hill and loved her cat, Susie.  We have some wonderful memories of family holidays in Europe.

At a very early age Melissa-Jane received head injuries in an accident which appeared slight at the time. Unfortunately it was later revealed that she had sustained severe inoperable brain damage which triggered epilepsy, the cause of her death in 1969.

During her short life Melissa-Jane belonged to the GN123 Greenford and Northolt Junior Nursing Division.  At the same time her mother (Joan Briggs, an actress) was the Divisional President and actively fundraised for the St John Prince of Wales District. Prior to her death in 2005, Joan regularly presented an annual award of a large rose bowl to cadets in the GN123 Division.

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