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Foreword Continued

You have been brave and innovative in the way you work, you have adapted your skillsets to remove barriers to people getting support, and you have built strength in numbers to deliver those critical services at an unprecedented pace. I know many workers in key services have felt under appreciated in the past, but what this awful pandemic has showed is that it is you that keep the wheels of our city, and our country, turning.

This book is for you. I doubt I could ever find the words to thank each and every one of you who have played a part in the fight against COVID-19, however small. This book is an opportunity for our city to show their appreciation to the real heroes of our society - our social care staff, doctors, nurses, key workers, supermarket staff, delivery drivers and volunteers from every walk of life who have locked horns so bravely with this global pandemic working day in and day out, without giving a second thought to their own wellbeing, to overcome the huge challenges that we have faced.

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It is thanks to your sacrifices and service to the people of Plymouth that we continue to be a Caring Plymouth that looks after and supports all our citizens. You have earned and gained profound respect and pride, and I thank you - on behalf of the city and from the bottom of our hearts - for everything you have done and continue to do. You are all heroes.

Thank you.

Councillor Kate Taylor

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