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UN 75 Introduction

Seventy-five years ago, world leaders, recoiling from the horrors of war, sought to secure a future free from fear and free from want. The result was the United Nations, established in the name of “We the Peoples.” From its very origins, civil society and social movements were its strong partners and helped to shape the vision and mission of the UN.

The UN2020 Campaign and the Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan for Beijing + 25 recognize in this anniversary year the importance of reinforcing and strengthening UN institutions, norms and processes, while increasing its accountability and accessibility to civil society.

As we commemorate this UN 75th anniversary, we invite you to contribute your stories, messages, and good wishes for the future success of the UN. Let us recognize the many, wonderful contributions the UN has made to the betterment of our world community. Let us work together as global citizens for equality, sustainable development and peace.

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What do you see as the UN’s achievements? How has it affected your life, or that of your family, community or country? You are welcome to post photos and short messages in this online book

Jeffery Huffines (Senior Advisor) and Fergus Watt (Coordinator) UN2020 Campaign

Soon-Young Yoon (International Alliance of Women and Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan)


UN 2020 is a civil society campaign dedicated to using the 75th anniversary of the UN as an opportunity to take stock and strengthen the UN.

At a time when nationalism is on the rise and multilateralism is being called into question by powerful governments, we are faced with an increasing number of global threats that require greater international cooperation across borders, sectors and generations. Renewing multilateralism: we need bold collective action more than ever.


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