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Foreword by Lucy Meacock

Tony and Lucy at Granada

I am so very, very sad and my heart goes out to Tony's daughters Nat and Becky.

A smile from Tony Morris always brightened up my day - it brightened everyone's day and certainly brightened up the whole of the North West for 17 years. He was without doubt one of the most humble, kindest and funniest people I have ever met and he would often make me laugh till my sides ached.

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He was a great observer of people and a great listener. Both those traits made him a wonderful interviewer and a first class journalist. He would always be respectful but would always coax the best interviews out of people and never shy away from a direct question.

He said growing up as the only black kid on a tough housing estate in Portsmouth and joining the RAF taught him all about resilience in life. But that also gave him great empathy and insight.

Wherever I go in the North West people always tell me how much they love Tony. He had a rare on screen warmth and sense of fun matched with the complete gravitas needed for the biggest and saddest of news events. Presenters who can move seamlessly from one to the other are very, very rare.

His kindness was extraordinary. Even towards the end when he was very ill he was apologising for upsetting his friends and family for getting ill. In his final few weeks he was still giving out important life advice to us all about concentrating on the people in our lives who really deserve our time. Don't waste a second.


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