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Memories of Tony

Winning a BAFTA

Tony was a remarkable man, an amazing dad to his two daughters and they remain in our thoughts. A brilliant presenter and journalist who could disarm the most challenging of guests. Tony led our viewers through some of the darkest of days always able to offer some reassurance and warmth.

Tony lifted people, generous with his time, he was full of fun wherever he was there was laughter and of course his incredible smile. 


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Throughout his illness he showed incredible strength of character, making it easy for us all to stay in touch with him and offer him our love. He was very special to us here at Granada Reports and we will treasure the time we had with him, for a man whose job was to be on the telly he was very humble and one of the reasons he was loved by all.

As a team we will miss him, the viewers will miss him, his passing leaves a huge gap in all of our lives.

Lucy West,
Head of News, ITV News Granada Reports

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