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Assistant Surgeon William Henry Young

Waterloo 200

of 1st Battalion, 91st Regiment of Foot

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Submitted by: Gabrielle Calvert (nee Young)

Date added: 13 Feb 2015

William Henry Young, born in 1786 in Kingston-upon-Hull, was the son of another medical man, John Young MRCS, who practised for many years in the Royal Infirmary,Hull, where he died in 1832. The origin of the family was Scottish, with the earliest ancestor I could find being Robert Young, a farmer near Kelso(1681-1779).

William Henry Young belonged to a Dorset regiment, and was said to be the last surviving surgeon from Waterloo. He died in 1879. He had six children by his first wife, Mary Ann Dent, including Henry Edward Annesley Young, who was my great great grandfather. (Henry’s eldest son, Gabriel, was born with an eye defect. Henry, being the son of a surgeon, considered himself competent to operate on this. As a result, Gabriel remained permanently blind in that eye). Gabriel’s family settled in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), where his father had a coffee plantation. Gabriel himself trained as a priest in Norfolk, where his family of four children were born. His son, Basil Noble Young, was my grandfather.

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