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Gunner George Almey

Waterloo 200

of Earl Shilton

Lt.Colonel A. Dickson's "G" Troop

23 Jan 1791 - 27 Aug 1826

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Submitted by: Paul Seaton

Date added: 2 May 2015

Image: Mercer's Monument and Lion Mound courtesy of Andy Child

George Almey joined the army on 5th April1807 aged 16 years, height of 5’ 4 ½”, fair complexion, light brown hair andgrey eyes. He enlisted in Leicester, worked as a Stockinger and gave his birthplace as Earl Shilton. George signed up for unlimited service as a Driver.

In 1813 George joined his brother Samuel Almey (Omey on the Waterloo medal roll) and his first cousin Nathaniel Almey(Omey on the Waterloo medal roll) in G Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

George Almey was present as a Gunner with G Troop at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. 

George Almey continued to serve in the army and in January1819 he was transferred from G Troop to Webber Smiths Troop. He spent most of the remainder of his army career serving in Ireland. He died in 1826 whilst still serving in the army in Athlone, Ireland. It is likely he would have died of TB or consumption, although it is not noted on the official records, but most of his army colleagues who died around the same time, died from these causes. George Almey never married and was 35 when he died. From the records it is clear that George spent two days in hospital before dying, as his beer money of 2d was withheld! And then all his kit was sold to his fellow soldiers in the troop, his funeral costs came to £2.00

For a more complete story of the Almeys the book "From Earl Shilton to Waterloo" will be in print from May 2015. ISBN 978-0-9932629-0-6 To obtain a copy contact

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