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Private William Adams

Waterloo 200

of No.1 Company, 33rd Regiment of Foot


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Submitted by: Steve Sallur

Date added: 28 Jan 2015

William was my 3rd Great Grandfather on my mother’s side and served under Wellington at Waterloo. William was born in 1792 at Robertsbridge, Sussex, England.

During the Battle, he received a (musket?) shrapnel wound to the head and as a result had a silver plate inserted in his skull. The silver plate remained with him till the day he died. The plate was found to be intact when his remains were transferred from Alma Street to his final resting place at Fremantle Cemetery.

On 26th October 1828 he married Elizabeth (Granny) Martin at the Church of Mary the Virgin, Salehurst, Sussex and two years later they emigrated to Clarence, Western Australia and later Fremantle. They were indentured to Thomas Peel but were freed in August 1830.

Elizabeth made her mark as Fremantle’s first midwife, delivering hundreds of babies into the world while also managing to bear and raise ten more children of her own. She was affectionately called the “Mother of Fremantle” and later “Granny Adams”. Elizabeth went to maternity cases in Perth when requested, frequently walking a long way to do so.

William died on 12December 1867 at Fremantle, Western Australia

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