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Private Andrew Diver

Waterloo 200


Captain Angus Fraser's Company

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Submitted by: Ross Crichton

Date added: 27 Jul 2015

Andrew, according to the Census returns in Scotland, was born in Ireland. It is likely that he joined the Regiment there before going to Scotland prior to 1813. He married Elizabeth McGregor in Glasgow in 1813 and had five children that we know of: John (b.1813) in Glasgow, Elizabeth (b.1817) in Edinburgh, Jean (b.1819) in Glasgow, Margaret (b.1821) in Glasgow, Mary (b.1823) in Glasgow. Note that a child is born to this marriage every two years, except for 1815 when Andrew was at Waterloo. His second child is born in Edinburgh, where the 92nd returned to after Waterloo. Andrew is listed as a soldier of the 92nd in 1817, but is no longer with them in 1819. He appears in the 1841 with his wife Elizabeth. No date of death is known, but it is possible that he was of the Diver family of Killybegs in Donegal. The family name, as it appears in the Catholic Parish Registers mutates from Diver (as it appears in army records) through Dever, Devon, Divan and finally as Devine. No doubt Andrew's accent contributed to the confusion.
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