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Private John Fisher

Waterloo 200

of 1st Battn. 95th REGIMENT OF FOOT

Captain E. Chawner's Company

29 Mar 1795 - 31 Dec 1862

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Submitted by: Ruth Woodward

Date added: 24 Apr 2015

John Fisher is my gt, gt, gt grand uncle and he was born in Longcot, Berkshire in 1795. He enlisted for unlimited service at Reading in 1813, at the age of eighteen and he served in the 1st Battn. 95th Regiment of Foot under the command of Captain E Chawner.

 He lost an eye as evidenced in his picture and his service record. As a result he was discharged from the Army in 1819, the same year in which he married Elizabeth Howard with whom he had 10 children.

Evidence of his service is reflected in a service record discovered by a member of the family: "In consequence of loss of his left eye, he is hereby discharged. That he is not to my knowledge, incapacitated by the sentence of a General Court Martial, from receiving a pension. That his general conduct as a soldier was good. That he has received all just demands of pay, clothing etc.,from his entry into the service until the day of discharge.(signature of soldier. John Fisher. X his mark) A description follows to prevent any improper use being made of the discharge. John Fisher is 24 yrs old, 5 Feet 9inches, light hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, occupation Bricklayer. Seal of the Regiment. GOSPORT 5th day of July, 1819. (signature of commanding officer ,HORSE GUARDS. 1819)".

He appears in the UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Registers of Soldiers Who Served in Canada, 1743-1882.

In 1854 he left the UK with some of his family on a ship called the "Emma" and emigrated to Australia where he eventually died in 1862. He lived on a farm called Waterloo near Ballarat in the state of Victoria and he is said to have proudly worn his Waterloo medal every day. I enclose an article about him which appeared in the past in an Australian newspaper. Family in Australia report that they were told that he lost a leg at the Battle of Waterloo but no evidence has been discovered to date to support this.

Discovering that I had an ancestor who fought at the Battle of Waterloo was really surprising. It's provided me with a much more tangible connection to my family's past and to present day relatives in Australia that I didn't know I had!

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