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Private John Felton

Waterloo 200


Lt.Colonel Douglas Mercer's Company

21 Nov 1793 - 4 Nov 1875

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Submitted by: Jill Britton

Date added: 29 Oct 2019

I didn't discover the Waterloo connection until I started researching my genealogy. 

John Felton (my 3x great grandfather) was born in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire in 1793.  His attestation to the 3rd Regiment, Foot Guards was on 6 Dec 1813 in Knightsbridge, London when he was just 20 years old (although his papers say 19!).  There is also a note that he entered the militia in Stafford and served 6 months there.  He was a career soldier, finally being discharged on 11 June 1834, after twenty one years and 182 days.  He left with the rank of sergent.  In pencil on the top of his discharge papers is a note "Intends to reside at Dublin" which was a great clue in my family researches as I had assumed that this side of the family were Irish, but now it seems that he enjoyed Ireland so much during his service that he returned there to settle down and bring up his family!

John served at Bergen-op-Zoom in March 1814, Waterloo, June 1815, and in Portugal for sixteen months in 1827 & 1828.  For the remainder the papers say he remained at home, which includes Ireland.  He worked his way (slowly) up the ranks to Sergeant: Corporal in 1818 and Sergeant in 1822.

He left at his own request (to raise his family?), and the testimony from Captain & Adjutant Francis Seymour is that "his conduct has been that of a good & efficient soldier, seldom in hospital, perfectly trustworthy and sober".

At the time of his discharge he was 39 years of age, 5' 9", with brown hair, hazel eyes (mine are also hazel!), fresh complexion.  By trade he was a spade and shovel maker - very necessary in the army no doubt!

John married Jane Matilda Leach in London, in 1818.  I have tracked down 7 children: the first two: Mary Ann and Sophia were buried within days of each other as babies.  The third, Jane Sophia, born 1825, also died young in 1828.  Next was my 2x great grandmother, Eliza Mary who was baptised at St Margaret's Westminster; the record shows the address as Tothill Street, and her father's profession as Sergeant 3rd guards.  The next child, John William was also baptised in Westminster (1830); the address this time is Portman Street Barracks.  The last two children, Thomas and Isabella were born in Dublin in 1833 and 1836. 

In the register for Eliza Mary's marriage to Richard Scott Kisbey, John Felton's profession is given as Writing Clerk.

John died at 9 Portland Place, Dublin; the death register records his profession as Pensioner, late 3rd Foot Guards.  His wife, Jane, had died 8 years previously in 1867.

It is impossible to know for sure, but it would appear that John was a faithful soldier and a family man.

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