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Serjeant Thomas Floyd

Waterloo 200


Captain Weyland's Troop

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Submitted by: Andrew Floyd

Date added: 2 Jun 2015

Thomas Floyd's funeral card.



Late Sergeant in the 16th Light Dragoons.

Mr Floyd joined the 16th Light Dragoons in 1805 and was at the Battles of Talavera, Busaco, Fuentos de Onore, Ciudad Roderigo, Badajos, Salamanca Vittoria St Sebastian, and Waterloo.  At the inducement of the Army in 1817, he was discharged at Dublin and passed the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham.  He was wounded at the battle of Fuentos de Onore on the right shoulder by a sword cut, and taken prisoner, but he was immediately rescued by one of the First Royals, who fought the capturer single-handed and killed him.  Mr Floyd was also wounded on the head by a sword cut at the Battle of Talavera and his horse was shot under him.  He died at his residence at Eccles on the 7th May 1859 and was interred at Eccles Church, on the 12th.  he was in the 75th year of his age.  The Peninsula and other Medals which he gained, were left as mementoes to his decendants.

His Waterloo medal was auctioned at Glendinnings in 1912 & 1923.

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