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Sergeant David Gray

Waterloo 200

of Arbroath

Major N. Turner's A. Troop

3 Sep 1784 - 5 Apr 1876

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Submitted by: Sandy Cuthbert

Date added: 27 Jan 2015

We traced my family back to John Cuthbert and Margaret Gray, in Dundee. According to census returns, Margaret had been born in France, about 1817. Finding out where took us on quite an adventure, which led to us finding out that her father had been involved at the Battle of Waterloo.

David Gray was born in Arbroath in 1784, son of Francis Gray and Susanna Ferrier. He joined the Royal Artillery in 1803, specifically the Corps of Royal Artillery Drivers, and found himself stationed for a while in Plymouth. There he met a local lass called Margaret Barns (or Burns). They were married in 1807 in Stoke Dameral, Devon. In 1812, two children were baptised in Devon, Francis and Susanna.

When David was pensioned out of the army, in 1818, he received ‘3/8 marching money', and free passage for himself, his wife and four children to Dundee’. Margaret Barns died in Dundee in 1851, and her burial record stated that she had been born in Devon. We now know that her daughter Margaret was born in Cambray, and found evidence of David being in Cambray in 1817. We also know that David received the Waterloo Medal, and the General Service Medal, with seven clasps. When he died in 1876, his death certificate stated that he was a Chelsea Pensioner. We don't know what happened to David's medals, but I now have a silver copy of the Waterloo Medal, as a reminder of David Gray. I am his 4 xgreat Grandson

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