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Private John Hird

Waterloo 200

of Chapeltown Rotherham Yorkshire

Wounded at Waterloo 5 times

27 Jun 1790 - 30 Jun 1873

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Submitted by: Leslie Leng

Date added: 6 May 2015

John Hird born in 1790 in Rotherham Yorkshire was 22 years old when he enlisted with the 2nd Regiment of Lifeguards on the 9th of January 1813. He was 25 yrs old when he was with the 2nd Regiment of Lifeguards, 1st Cavalry Brigade, 2nd Battalion "Employed with the Baggage"" on the field of Waterloo. He was wounded 5 times on the 18th of June, and lost the use of his left hand. Due to his disability he was Discharged as unfit for further service on the 4th of March 1816. Census records John as a Chelsea Pensioner in 1851, 1861 and 1871 and it is likely 1841 also but not found under John Hird in records. John married in about 1820 and his wife Mary bore him 5 children including William who lived with John until he passed away at the grand old age of 83 on 30th June 1873. My eldest Son, Richard Leng is pleased and proud to know of his great, four times grandfather and we will visit his grave on the 18th of June 2015 with Richard's son Heston Lewis Leng, great five times grandson of Private John Hird, Waterloo veteran and hero.

Leslie Leng, Rotherham, South Yorkshire


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