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Private John Johnson

Waterloo 200


Captain & Bt.Major Richard Llewellyn's Company

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Submitted by: David W Smith

Date added: 9 Feb 2015

John Johnson was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on 7 April 1795, the first son of Robert Johnson and Sarah Knowles.

He enlisted in the 2/28th North Gloucester Regiment of Foot in Colchester, Essex at the age of 15 when he was 5ft 2 ins, had grey eyes and dark brown hair. The second battalion was rolled into the first battalion in August 1811 after losses sustained at the Second Siege of Badajoz, Spain.

The 1/28th foot fought in the 3rd Brigade in the 2nd Division at the Battles of Vitoria and Toulouse.

At both the Battles of Quatre Bras on 16 June and Waterloo on 18 June 1815 the 28th were part of Kempt's 8th Brigade in Picton's 5th Division where they distinguished themselves in square fighting French cavalry famously depicted in oil paintings by Elizabeth Thompson (Lady Butler) and William Barns Wollen.

In April 1822 John Johnson married Elizabeth Smith in Great Yarmouth and they had 6 children. A shoe maker by profession be became a Chelsea Pensioner and was awarded a pension of 6d/ day in 1859.

He died on 4 February 1878 aged 82 and is buried in St Nicolas Churchyard, Great Yarmouth where his gravestone records him as a Waterloo Veteran.

His Grandson John William Budds Johnson became Mayor of Great Yarmouth in 1899 and a founder of Yarmouth Stores Ltd.

Submitted by David W Smith, 4th great grandson in Wimbledon

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