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Lieutenant John Whitehill Parsons

Waterloo 200

of 10th Hussars

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Submitted by: Tim Parsons

Date added: 27 Jan 2015

John Parsons joined the British Army on 3rd December 1805, aged 21. He is recorded as serving in the 10th Hussars on 12th November 1814 and was a Lieutenant by 1815. The 10th (or Prince of Wales Own Royal Regiment) was stationed in the Peninsula from 1808 to 1809 and again from 1813-1814.

At the Battle of Waterloo, the 10th was commanded by Colonel George Quentin, and had 3 squadrons totalling 25 officers and 430 other ranks. During the battle two officers were killed and six wounded. Other ranks had 20 killed, 40 wounded and 26 went missing. The 10th formed part of the 6th Cavalry Brigade, under Major General Sir Richard Hussey Vivian KCB.

John Parsons was one of twelve lieutenants in the Regiment, one of whom was killed. He escaped serious injury.

He retired from the Dragoons on half pay in 1825. Shortly afterwards he took up a position in the Eastern Mediterranean as Vice Governor of the Ionian Islands. At this time the United States of the Ionian Islands was a federal republic under the protection of the United Kingdom, established under the Treaty of Paris in 1815. The Ionian Islands was the collective name for the Greek islands of Corfu, Cephalonia, Xante, Santa Maura, Ithaca, Cythera and Paxo. He served six different Governors. The islands were eventually ceded to Greece in 1864.

Lieutenant ColonelJohn Whitehill Parsons CMG died at the Royal Palace in Xante in 1848. He and his wife, Mary (Dewar) had nine children, three born in Fife in Scotland and six born in the Ionian Islands.

John Whitehill Parsons is the 2 x Great Grandfather of former Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas Home and 3 x Great Grandfather of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. He is my 3 x Great Grandfather.

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