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Gunner Andrew Patton

Waterloo 200

of 3rd Battalion, Royal Foot Artillery (Rogers Company)

Captain & Bt.Major Roger's Company

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Submitted by: Russell Jones

Date added: 25 Feb 2015

My 4 times Great Grandfather Andrew Patton was born in Edinburgh in 1779 and joined the newly formed Corps of Captains, Commissaries and Drivers in 1795. He later joined the 2nd Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal Foot Artillery (Rogers Company) as a Gunner Driver in 1805, eventually becoming the No 1 Gunner.

He first saw action at Walcheren in 1809 where he contracted malaria but recovered and fought at Antwerp and Bergen Op Zoom in 1814 before finally fighting at Quatre Bras and Waterloo in June 1815.

He faced D'Erlon's attack at around 1 pm, and later the 4th Curassiers during Ney's cavalry charges. His company was one of the Artillery units who opened fire on the Imperial Guard at the climax of the battle.

His medal is still in the family, owned by my cousin in Ireland.

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