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Trooper John Winterbottom

Waterloo 200

of Ist Life Guards

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Submitted by: Jenny Stroud

Date added: 26 Jan 2015

My 3 x great grandfather, Trooper in the 1st Life Guards at Waterloo, John Winterbottom, was a Weaver's son, born in 1796 in Saddleworth. He joined the Life Guards in 1813. He was promoted to Corporal of Horse from 1820 to 1826, and then to Regimental Corporal Major 1826 until 1839.

He retired in1839, and became a Yeoman Warder at the Tower until his death in 1855. He was the first person in the Life Guards to be appointed a 'Fencing Master' and he was the father of 3 famous Military Bandsmen… Thomas; Henry; William ( my 2 x great grandfather) Winterbottom and Orchestral Entrepreneur,John Winterbottom Junior….and Grandfather to Frank Winterbottom, another renowned Military bandsman and military musical arranger and CharlesWinterbottom his brother, who was an eminent double bass player and a founding member of the LSO. There is a painting of John Winterbottom, Ist Life Guards, in the Royal collection at Buckingham Palace, available on-line.

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