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Gunner Alexander Youle

Waterloo 200

of Third Battalion, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Captain G.H. Gordon's Company

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Submitted by: Paul Edwards

Date added: 14 Mar 2016

Served in Third Battalion, Royal Regiment of Artillery.

Enlisted on 27th December 1803 at Cupar, Fife at age of 20.
Rank of Private. Service of 21 years and 61 days, made up of 19 years 61 days from 1803 to 1822 plus 2 years 'Waterloo'.

Discharged at Woolwich on 30th November 1822. Conduct as a soldier described as 'Very Regular'. Noted as born in the parish of St. Andrews in the county of Fife, by trade a Labourer. Physical description at discharge: 39 years of age, 5 feet 10 3/4 inches in height, brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion.

Pensioned at one shilling per day. Paid marching money to carry him from Woolwich to Cupar, Fife, including free passage by sea from London to Leith, for himself and one child.

WO 100/14 in Public Records Office - Waterloo Medal list
Nominal list of Capt. Gordon's Company 3rd Batt Royal Artillery who were present at the Battle of Waterloo or in the actions which immediately preceded it and who are still present stationed with the Company. Woolwich 30th May 1816.
Captain James Sinclair; Lieutenants J.A. Wilson, W.H.Poole; Serjeants; John Miller, Robert Williamson

Under the list of 'Gunners' is No 6. Alexander Youle.
WO 100/4 in Public Records Office - Military General Service Medal list

Return of NCOs, out-pensions from RA whose claims to receive a Medal under the General Order dated 1st June 1847...1027 38 Youle Alex'r Genner R.A. Corunna

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