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Uniform of the 95th Rifles

Waterloo 200

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Dear Family and Friends, As a way remembering those that fought at Waterloo in June 1815 from the Artefacts that remain like this $personFirstName$ from that time, we have created a page within the $bookTitle$. Please contribute by adding your thoughts, messages, photographs and videos about this period artefact. Add your insights and expertise to help build and lock-in our knowledge about this item, simply go to: $findPersonLink$ and make your contribution too. Thank you
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/ Add Artefact by: Ethan Storey, Bishop Luffa School

Date added: 9 Jun 2015

A soldier's uniform at the time of Waterloo would not have been any protection from a sword blow or a bullet. At the time of Waterloo, regiments like the 95th would have worn green coats instead of the iconic redcoat that we all know today as they were a rifle regiment.

Most normal soldiers would have shoes, not boots, that were made of leather and were often reported to have been of extremely poor quality. A soldier would have only been issued two pairs a year. An interesting fact about these shoes is that there was neither a left or right shoe and they were both the same so it didn't matter which way round you had them on.

However, the officers uniform would have been a lot smarter and more comfortable. The officers uniform would have consisted of gold coloured epaulets which were worn on the shoulders, a smart hat with a cover to put over it in wet weather, a gorget (which was a brass plate warn around the neck that symbolized the rank of an officer in the army) and leather boots (not shoes). The main materials for the coat were wool and leather.

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