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Chapter - About the Waterloo Artefacts

These pages contain stories and images posted by individual people who may not have had an ancestor at Waterloo.

You might have been handed down an interesting story or article about the Napoleonic era or perhaps more specifically Waterloo which you have treasured over the years and would now like to share this with others.

It might be a medal, a sword, a document, a letter or a piece of uniform or even a cigar butt!

To add your Waterloo Artefact, you will need to Register with just your name and email address then Add a Waterloo Artefact including the story behind it and any image you have. Please Share your artefact with Friends and Relatives and encourage them to contribute.

Flight of Buonaparte from the Field of Waterloo accompanied by his Guides
Flight of Bonaparte from the Field of Waterloo accompanied by his Guides

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Marengo, Napoleon's war horse

Napoleon was riding Marengo during the Battle of Waterloo, having acquired him in 1799 as a 6 year old Arab Grey stallion in Egypt.
He was acknowledged a reliable and courageous mount despite being wounded 8 times in at least 4 battles during  his military career.
Marengo was captured immediately after the Battle of Waterloo by Lieutenant Petrie and lived the rest of his life in the United Kingdom until he died of old age in 1831 aged 38 years.
His skeleton is displayed in the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London but two hooves were removed, one of which was made into a snuff box which was not an uncommon practice. One of the hooves of The Duke of Wellington's horse 'Copenhagen' was also used as an ornament, although he stipulated that his horse was not to be displayed.

Maengo's hoof inscription =-courtesy of the National Army MuseumMarengo's hoof - courtesy of the National Army Museum
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