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Thank you for visiting our book. It is a special place where people share stories of how glaucoma has affected their own life or that of a loved one.

We are privileged to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity to read personal stories as well as share your own glaucoma journey.

Reading and sharing your experience of; being diagnosed with glaucoma, living with the condition, getting to grips with eye drops, finding out that family members also have been diagnosed will help others who are going through the same as you.

Share your story, donate and support someone else on their glaucoma journey.

For further information about this special book, how to set up a page or anything else please call 01233 64 81 71 or email 


How to share your story

Sharing your personal experiences of how glaucoma has affected you will help support others who may have just been diagnosed or been living with the condition for many years.

Sharing your story and joining the glaucoma community is straightforward, all you need to do is register or log in.

Once you've told your story, you can share it with family and friends and invite them to contribute too. Of course, you can come back to the page as often as you like.

We are passionate about helping and representing people with glaucoma. We receive no Government funding so really can’t do this without support.

Donate, share your story, support others and help us create a brighter future for everyone with glaucoma.  To donate, turn to the next page - your support will make a difference and will help protect future generations from unnecessary sight loss from glaucoma.

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