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About This Book

This online book is the digital companion to The British Army Flying Memorial at the Army Flying Museum. It is a place where you can share memories and photographs of individuals who are commemorated on the Memorial.

The book has been divided into the four main branches of Army Flying commemorated on the Memorial. They can be navigated by using the section names at the top. If you would like to search for the name of an individual, please use the search box at the top right of the page. You can click on the name of an individual to find out more about their life, service and place on the memorial.

By clicking the link on an individual’s page you can add your own tribute. Once you've added your memory you can share it with family and friends and invite them to contribute their memories too. Of course, you can come back to the page as often as you like.

Share Your Story

In order to share your stories and memories, you need to Register or Login. You can then leave a comment on an individual’s page.

If you would like to add a photograph or if you have any information not mentioned on the main commemoration page, please contact the Army Flying Museum's Archivist at

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