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The Army Flying Museum tells the 100 year story of the British Army in the air and boasts a unique collection of military aviation history, one of both national and international importance. Open daily and home to over 35 historic fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, detailed dioramas, artefacts, trophies and models, the Museum serves as a profound and inspiring tribute to the Army and their machines.

The collection covers the five main branches of Army Aviation: Royal Engineers (1878 – 1912), The Royal Flying Corps (1912-1918), Air Observation Post Squadrons (1941 – 1957), the Glider Pilot Regiment (1942 – 1957) and the current Army Air Corps (1957- to date).

However, the Museum is in need of modernisation and so Project Eagle was born. Project Eagle is the Museum’s development programme and includes a purpose-built archive, improved education facilities, a more accessible visitor entrance and orientation area and new interpretation throughout the Museum. Funding has been secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Army Air Corps Fund, but more is still needed to complete the Project.

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