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Mrs Denise Theodosiou

the RAF Benevolent Fund
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Remembered by: David Theodosiou

Date added: 23 Feb 2011

Denise Theodosiou, wife of the late Flight Lieutenant Panico Theodosiou of 237 Squadron, died in Alastrean House on 23rd September 2010, a day after her 91st birthday. Mum came over from South Africa to Scotland to be near to us in September 2000 and spent almost 10 years in Alastrean. Mum was born in Bulawayo in the then Southern Rhodesia and Dad emigrated there as a young child with his family from Limassol, Cyprus in the early 1920s. They met and married in Bulawayo in January 1941 and Dad was already undergoing pilot training. He left for active service in September 1941 and served in North Africa, the then Persia and Iraq before the Squadron moved to Corsica in early 1944.

Sadly on 28th April 1944; after leading a raid on the rail links between Florence and Leghorn, his Spitfire was hit by anti-aircraft fire and he bailed out over the sea between the Italian coast and the island of Gorgona. He was apparently un-injured and was seen parachuting down, and his dinghy inflated. He was not seen climbing into the dinghy however. Air Sea Rescue was alerted and searched the area but no trace was found of him.

During Dad's military service he was mentioned in Dispatches. Mum never re-married and I think always hoped that he might return one day. She lived in Bulawayo until 1990 when she moved down to a flat in Port Elizabeth, South Africa to be near to my father’s brother Chris and his wife and family. During the 90's she suffered a number of minor strokes and we took the decision to bring her over to Scotland where we live. The RAF Benevolent Fund assisted us greatly by accepting Mum into Alastrean House in January 2001.

Mum was a loving and in turn much loved Wife, Mother, Gran and Great-Grandmother.
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