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Mrs Mary Whale

the RAF Benevolent Fund
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Remembered by: Liz Elvidge

Date added: 11 Dec 2009

Mum was born on 13th September 1922, “No bigger than a bag of sugar”, she would say. She sadly passed away, peacefully, on Sunday 16th August 2009 in Boston Hospital, Lincolnshire.

Mum had a very happy childhood. She volunteered to join the WAAF (I hope I have the correct abbreviation), during The Second World War. Mum was Sergeant Mary Jane Bishop when she left the Service.

Mum worked in the hospital stores section and she was I'm sure at Melksham. Mum also spent some time on Tiree and I know that Mum was definitely at Morecombe, where she met my Dad, who was in the Army in that area, they married after the War in 1947.

One of Mum’s stories was that she spent the whole of D-Day travelling from Morecombe by train, I think to Sleaford and then by truck to The RAF Cranwell Hospital.

Mum also went to Ely Hospital from time to time, from Cranwell, delivering and collecting stores.

Mum said that she had seen a lot of very brave RAF pilots and crewmen who had been terribly injured, but that their spirits were always high. She was so proud of them.

Mum said that she and a colleague, Mary Dutch were good friends and I think it was with Mary that she used to walk every Sunday morning from Cranwell to the church in Sleaford and then back again after the service.

Mum and Dad were married for fifty two and a half years, till Dad sadly passed away. They had four children. Mum and Dad travelled virtually all their married life with Dad being in the Army and when he finally retired they enjoyed travelling around Europe with their dog Jasper and their caravan in tow. Finally coming to live in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Mum used to like hearing the RAF planes flying over Spalding, it brought back many memories for her.

Mum was a lovely lady, she had a great sense of fun and was very popular with her many friends. She loved all animals and was also a wonderful people person.

Mum’s time in the WAAF I know made a very great impact on her life and she spoke very proudly, fondly and humbly about it and I am most grateful to be able to write this memorial to her as part of the RAF family - thank you.

We love you so much Mumsy and Granny and miss you so much too - Miss Lizzie and Karen - and of course not forgetting Breeze and Tinkerbell - XX, XX, woof, meow.
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