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Leonard John Wyatt

the RAF Benevolent Fund
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Remembered by: RAF Benevolent Fund

Date added: 23 Sep 2014

On behalf of Stewart Wyatt:

My Father was always proud of his time in The RAF. He first joined in 1941, and was sent to Great Yarmouth for his basic training. From there he joined up with 603 City Of Edinburgh (Spitfires) at Hornchurch, before their move back to their home base at Turnhouse in Scotland. He recollected to me that a German JU88 raider from Norway, kept the base on its toes, until chased and shot down over The North Sea. David Douglas-Hamilton was C/O, and I have since learned of his involvement with the Hess flight in 1942.

The Squadron was given an overseas posting in 42, but my father was not selected to go, and did not know where the destination was, until I bought a book, "Wings of War" by Laddie Lucas, in the Nineties. The unit had moved to Tikali airfield in Malta, and this was proven by memoirs in the book, from Douglas-Hamilton.

He continued to join various squadrons in the UK, including a PR Mosquito Squadron. He joined up with a Crash & Rescue unit in Taunton, before being transferred to The USN base at Dunkeswell, as a loaned help from the RAF.

In 1944, he was told to join The Parachute Regiment, being A1 fit, and started training for jumps, but was sent back to RAF, as the operation had acheived its full quota of men. This operation was Arnhem. He continued to do Crash and Rescue work until demobilisation.

One of my lasting memories, will be the day we both went to Duxford, and sat watching a Spitfire re-enact a dogfight with an ME 109, at an Air Day.

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