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Jack Herbert Cooper

the RAF Benevolent Fund


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Remembered by: RAF Benevolent Fund

Date added: 15 Jun 2015

On behalf of Mrs B Cooper

My husband, Jack Cooper, RAF No 252881, did his National Service in the early 1950s. He was deferred for 2 years as he was studying architecture, but he heard a rumour that some recruits may be enrolled at London University where he thought he would be able to carry on his course, so he enlisted, past the aptitude tests for Air Crew which meant signing up for 3 years, so he went on the Russian Course and was sent to an ex-Army Camp at Bodmin, Cornwall which had no facilities or NAAFI causing a great deal of resentment among the recruits even though they had done their 6 weeks (Square Bashing) at Padsgate, they had to do it all again under the army at Bodmin Camp.

Eventually they were dispersed to other camps and Jack finished up in "Movements" at Hounslow, Middlesex, another army camp.

Despite everything, Jack enjoyed his time in the RAF and being born in 1930, his heroes were the "few", Guy Gibson, Richard Hilary.

When Jack retired from the civil service, he worked in a Save the Children Fund Shop for several years.

He is a great loss to all his family and friends and especially to me.

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