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Mr Kenneth John Bailey

the RAF Benevolent Fund
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Remembered by: Susie Walker

Date added: 11 Dec 2008

My dad was a Navigator in medium flight bomber in RAF in 2nd World War (RAF Foulsham - 1942-1946). He never really talked about his time in service. Apart from the time he was missing in action. Luckily he arrived home safe and sound eventually.

He was posted to No.180 Squadron. The Unit had been formed on 13 September 1942 at West Raynham. The Squadron was destined to be a medium bomber squadron in No 2 Group. Equipped with North American Mitchells, it re-located to Foulsham in October and finally began operations on 22 January 1943. However, heavy losses on this first raid led to it being removed from further operations until May 1943.

Shortly after resuming operations, the squadron, as part of No 2 Group, was transferred to 2nd Tactical Air Force and together with No's 98 and 320 Squadrons it formed No 139 Airfield (later No 139 Wing). Moving to Dunsfold in August 1943, it was heavily involved in daylight tactical operations in support of the forthcoming invasion. Following the D-Day landings, it also flew some night intruder missions in support of the push out of Normandy.

In October 1944 the squadron moved into Belgium, from where it continued to support the advancing armies. It was then on 6th April 1945, he moved to Melsbroek airfield in Belgium, near Brussels. He continued his operational flights in Mitchell aircraft from Melsbroek and Achmer Airfields until 2nd May 1945.

He met my mum Marguerite Elizabeth when he later left the RAF and was recuited as a regional Staff Training Officer with the Ministry of Pensions & National Insurance and was given the task of helping the Jamaican Govenment set up a new social Security
Insurance Scheme.

His only child (ME!) Susie Elizabeth was born on 28th November 1968

My dad often attended RAF reunions and always enjoyed catching up with old squaddies. Especially his dear friends Roy Masters and Mick Moreland. Mick his also passed away.

Ken died on 30th September 2008 after a 2 year brave battle with lung cancer.

He is greatly missed by family and friends. Rest in Peace
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