Selby Abbey

"The organ at Selby Abbey is one of the finest examples from the distinguished builder, William Hill." - Marilyn Mason, Recital in Selby Abbey 1998


Thank you for opening our Benefactors' Book. We hope the information about Selby Abbey and our Organ Appeal will be of interest to you. This book commemorates the support for our appeal to restore our world-famous organ and save part of our national musical heritage for future generations to enjoy. Every successful appeal campaign needs publicity and we would be very grateful if you could share this book with your friends and colleagues.

The Abbey's Hill organ was made world-famous with the iconic recordings in the 1960s by the Pope's organist, Fernando Germani, and more recently by many celebrated international organists whose names appear in our book and who have kindly endorsed our appeal. Now the organ is regularly unreliable and nearing the end of its active life after one hundred years of magnificent service.

Organs are still hand-built, using centuries old craft techniques using costly raw materials. This organ is as large as the largest cathedral organs in the country and therefore will cost just as much to restore it to health and sonic splendour. That wonderful outcome can readily be achieved, all it needs is funding.

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